It was a pleasure taking a class with Fortitude Training Concepts. Once we signed up for the class Danielle stayed in contact with us through email giving us a list of items we need to bring and directions to the training range. Quinn, our instructor, is an exceptionally professional. The combination of classroom instruction followed by live fire is the way to go. We will be back for additional training very soon.




Quinn is passionate and teaches with great emotion.  The class had excellent subject matter.


A lot of time and prep clearly went into the presentation.  Quinn is obviously passionate about not only firearms, but mindset development.  I learned how important the marriage of skill and mindset is for success. 


Quinn is the firearms instructor that I always wanted to be.


Thank You for spending your day off with some of the ladies from AG&AG!  I thoroughly enjoyed the class you put together for us.  Dealing with so many different skill levels must be interesting at best; but both of you handled it with skill and grace.  Thanks for all of the technical assistance.  Personally I loved the Safety, Safety, and Safety first reminders, especially with Quinn spending a chunk of his time in front of the ladies on the line in the class.  So happy to know that you had a med pack available and everyone knew where it was located—excellent touch.  The competition at the end was fun to participate in as well. The prizes were frosting on the cake so to speak.  The day was very informative and fun as well


Thank you for a great day! I think you guys make a super team! It was really fun. I came home and shared all I learned with my husband. Thank you for being patient and fielding all our questions.


The aspect I liked most about this course was Quinn's ability to infuse humor and still be impactful.