Christmas Ideas for the Shooter

December 8, 2015

We often get the question, “my spouse is a gun (guy/girl) what should I get them?” Most shooters would like guns over fluff. Here are some ideas to bring smiles to their faces on Christmas all the way to the range. 


Gift Cards
“But those are sooo impersonal”! Don’t care! Gift cards are great, that way they can get what they want!


Hats or clothing
Rogue American has some great stuff for both men and women. Their merchandise is high quality, comfortable, makes a statement and the company is Veteran owned.


Ear Pro
Peltor Tactical Sports are the highest quality, yet moderately priced ears on the market. They will last forever.…/…/B000Q04MRG




Handgun Sights
10-8 Performance. If your shooter is running a gun with stock sights, for less than $100 you can get the best sights on the market. If you are not a gun nut, contact them with questions. They have great customer service.




Illuminate their soul with a good quality flashlight. A 200 lumen small flashlight is very affordable. Streamlight has a TLR1 Long Gun Weapon Mounted Light kit that is REAL NICE. It runs about $150, but always runs good sales this time of year. 


That’s a gimme. Most would prefer training (FMJ) over self defense rounds. The more, the merrier the Christmas!!!




Range Bags
There are a ton out there. Some are well thought out and some are not. 5.11 is pretty proud of their stuff, but their range bags are super durable and well thought out. There are different sizes, so if your shooter shoots multiple weapon systems, and a lot, bigger is good. If they shoot one gun occasionally, go with smaller.


Everyone wants more mags. If you want your shooter to swoon, base pads from Taran Tactical are tacti-cool.




Mechanix Gloves
Keep their hands warm on the cold training days. Their M-Pact Gloves are very durable and comfortable.…


Range Memberships
Nothing says, I love you, like, "please get out of here and go shooting." 


Gun Cleaning Kit
HA! Yea no, don't buy a cleaning kit! On second thought, your shooter would probably be delighted with a G&G AR15 Bolt Polishing Tool.…/g-and-g-tools-ar-15-bolt-cleaner…


Compt-Tac and Tactical Justice have really good products!




Go Bag
The best gift I never got was a fully equipped go bag. Imagine your loved ones eyes widen after they open the present to find a nice quality bag loaded with all the above! Merry Christmas to me!


AR15's are black and slimming. Just go with an AR!



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