It will happen again

It's happened again, another Active Shooter.

Soon those words will no longer be charged with emotion. Soon those words will be white noise on social media news feeds. Media reports usually only report those with high body counts or other circumstances that are "news worthy".

Those circumstances, the details that bring these incidents to the news will not matter when you are there. When a murderous rampage is unfolding in front of you all the particulars will not matter. Your in-action or action will haunt you or define WHO you are.

So we ask, WHO are you? We ask because we, as a nation, do not need more sheep. We do not need those who refuse to carry concealed because they do not want to be encumbered. We do not need those who will sit idle when others are being victimized. We need those who will stand up for what is right. We need those who will stand up and run towards the gun fire and take control of the situation. Not for fame or reward, but because the sheep need you, and need you right now. They need you without hesitation, without doubt and with full intent on stopping the shooter.

It is time to take back our society. If we take a stand NOW these individuals will stop. When a shooter's meticulous planning and preparations is thwarted because you stopped it. Others will see and they will be scared. Scared of you, all of you.

As responsible gun owners, make the decision WHO you are. Make that decision right now because this nation needs you now, more than ever.

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