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We often get questions in regard to people purchasing firearms for self defense. Our answer to them may surprise you. Obviously we believe that everyone who is responsible, and legal to do so, should be armed. However, purchasing and carrying a firearm has responsibilities. First, are you going to maintain any proficiency? Second, are you going to carry? Third, why are you going to carry?

If you purchase a firearm, you have the responsibility to train. You must learn safe handling procedures, when it is reasonable and appropriate to deploy and possess the skills to handle the firearm under duress. Not only does quality training teach you firearms safety and how to shoot, training can teach you when to shoot and when not to. If you are not going to train, then you are creating risk and liability.

The next question you have to ask yourself is, "Am I going to carry?” Why pay money to attend a Concealed Handgun Permit course and purchase a handgun, and then not carry? I personally have made the lifestyle choice to carry everywhere. I am not going to lie, it can be a hassle. Wearing a concealed handgun is an uncomfortable and cumbersome lifestyle choice. However when you carry religiously, you will feel naked with your handgun. Remember a firearm is a tool that gives you more options.

"You never catch me outta house without my 9 or 45" - Aaron Lewis

You need to ask “Why?" I have 3 reasons. My first reason, is sitting next to me. My son’s face is covered in sticky banana and I believe he is speaking a language that only dolphins can understand. My 'why' is my family and I refuse to allow us to part ways because I was ill prepared.

My second ‘why’ is to defend the defenseless. Most go through their lives without knowing what is going on around them. Most go through their lives thinking nothing will happen to them. Most go through their lives without any means or training to defend themselves. Most go through their lives as prey.

My third ‘why’ should be every American’s concern. There are very credible threats to this country. Islamic terrorists HATE us and our way of life. There will be more attacks on our soil and we might as well assume that the next attacks will be on our most precious natural resource, our children.

"Japan would never invade the United States. We would find a rifle behind every blade of grass.” - Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

There are hundreds of thousand of citizens who possess concealed carry permits, however, very few actually carry their firearms. Can you imagine how polite and safe our society would be if every responsible citizens was legally armed?

So should you carry or leave your gun at home? What if? What if an active shooter comes into your school, movie theater or business? What if you are walking home and being followed by an individual who wants to beat or rape you? What if terrorists decide to attack, right now? What if?

Are you prepared to protect yourself, defend your family and win your fight? We highly advocate you choose to carry, diligently and with purpose.

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