1. The very first thing you must do is find a local range that would allow a host course.  The range requirements are:

    1. It must be legal and safe to shoot there.

    2. It must be capable of accommodating 12 students

    3. There must be some type of restroom or port-o-lets available.   

  2. Email us at fortitudetrainingconcepts@gmail.com and we will find a date.

  3. You will be responsible to coordinate for all range logistics, including target/range supplies.  

  4. Help market and promote the class.

  5. Ensure that potential students know how to sign up for the class.

  6. Provide some administrative support for the class (only when needed).

  7. All course fees are listed, and the students will also be required to pay range fees or be a member of the host range at times.  

  8. We will travel to your location for a minimum of 6 paying students (12 outside Colorado) and will allow up to 20 into the class for basic classes.

  9. Fortitude Training Concepts Instructors have a full instructor liability insurance policy and are federally certified instructors.  Documentation can be provided if necessary.

  10. We will give you a free slot in the class for 10 or more registered students.