Active Shooter events have been on the rise since 2004.  Responsible citizens who chose to fight back have stopped several of these incidents.  Our system teaches you to identify an Active Shooter event then locate, contain and eliminate the threat.  We provide the tools to safely communicate and link up with Law Enforcement.  This is an 8 hour block that includes 3 hours of classroom, followed by live fire scenario based training.

Students should have a grasp of the fundamentals of marksmanship with handgun. 

Student Equipment Requirements:

  • Self Defense Semi-Automatic Handgun or Revolver in good repair

  • 3 Magazines or Speed Loaders (5 magazine for Single Stack Handguns)

  • Eye Protection

  • Ear Protection

  • Quality Holster

  • Quality Magazine Pouch

  • Sturdy Belt

  • Brimmed Hat

  • 200 rounds of Ammunition (this is an estimated amount, due to the flexibility of our course, students may expend more or less ammunition).

  • Seasonal appropriate clothing

  • Water, snacks and/or lunch


The classroom will be held at the Elizabeth Library located at:

651 Beverly St, Elizabeth, CO 80107


The live fire will be held at:

 23195 Co Rd 105, Ramah, CO 80832

To register for classes please email



Price $125 (Special price for our Newsletter Subscribers) 

Our live fire training classes requires certain resources to properly run.  We require a certain instructor to student ratio to ensure our student’s safety.  When planning the live fire classes we line up adjunct instructors to assist on the firing line based on the number of students who have registered.  When students fail to show up or cancel last minute, it not only adversely affects those instructors and the business, it adversely affects the other students because it takes time out of their training while we attempt to contact those who have registered, but fail to show. 


We will require payment when you register for live fire classes to secure your spot.  If you must cancel in greater than 72 hours, we will fully refund your payment.  If you cancel, or fail to show up, with less than 72 hours notice you will forfeit your payment.