Children's Firearms Safety


Our Children’s Firearms Safety is a unique class.  Not only do we teach the kids about the safe handling of firearms, we also teach the parents on how to build upon the things their child learns in the class.  This class will start with the foundation, the Four Firearms Safety Rules for both the kids and parents.  We then teach the kids what to do if they find a firearm.  We will discuss a progressive approach of firearms safety with the parents.  We will then teach the kids the fundamentals of marksmanship with a .22 rifle.  During which, we show the parents how to coach the kids when shooting.  The class will end with a fun shoot for the kids. 


This course will be held at a private range near Elizabeth, Colorado. 


Student and Parent Equipment Requirements:​

  • Eye Protection

  • Ear Protection

  • Brimmed Hat

  • 1 box of .22 Long Rifle Ammunition (this is an estimated amount, due to the flexibility of the our course, students may expend more or less ammunition) per child.

  • Seasonal appropriate clothing

  • Water and snacks 


To register for classes please email



Price $50 

Payment can be Credit/Debit or Paypal.

This class is for children 8 years of age and older.

Our live fire training classes requires certain resources to properly run.  We require a certain instructor to student ratio to ensure our student’s safety.  When planning the live fire classes we line up adjunct instructors to assist on the firing line based on the number of students who have registered.  When students fail to show up or cancel last minute, it not only adversely affects those instructors and the business, it adversely affects the other students because it takes time out of their training while we attempt to contact those who have registered, but fail to show. 


We will require payment when you register for live fire classes to secure your spot.  If you must cancel in greater than 72 hours, we will fully refund your payment.  If you cancel, or fail to show up, with less than 72 hours notice you will forfeit your payment.