Our philosophy at Fortitude Training Concepts is simple: we do not want you to get into a fight.


However, when that situation does arise, our mission is to ensure that our customers are properly trained and capable of defending themselves and their families. Identifying potentially dangerous situations, thinking critically before responding and learning to control your environment are paramount when handling firearms.


Our professional and knowledgeable staff has over 25 years of operational experience, as well as thousands of hours as training instructors. They are highly suited to provide outstanding service in gun training and safety, as well as a wealth of information regarding applications of self-defense and mindset development.


We believe everyone should have access to firearm training, and as firearm owners we have a duty to be knowledgeable in safe care, handling, and use. In doing so, we keep our tuition rates as affordable as possible to ensure that price is the last thing that should come between gun owners and proper training. 


"...the brain is the final weapon, all else is supplemental"

                                                                                                                -John Steinbeck




Quinn has been a firearms instructor for 17 years and is the lead instructor at Fortitude Training Concepts. He was exposed to firearms at a young age and had positive influences that taught him to have respect for firearms and firearms safety. From this respect grew an unrelenting passion. His skills have been honed from almost 24 years of operational experience—19 of which have been spent in tactical positions. 


Quinn is a Colorado P.O.ST. Firearms Subject Matter Expert Committee Member, an NRA Certified Instructor in Handgun, Tactical Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Precision Rifle, and Select Fire disciplines. He is a Shoothouse Instructor, Interactive Force on Force Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, holds numerous Armorer Certifications and is an accomplished competitive shooter. He is classified as a Master in the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation and holds a Grand Master class classification in the USPSA Production division. Quinn is also a certified firearms instructor through the Department of Homeland Security (FLETC) and holds its highest honor of Distinguished Weapons Expert. He was voted “Most Wanted” by his peers and instructors.


Quinn is an accomplished motivational speaker and has developed several courses related to Mindset Development. He is passionate about firearms training, mindset development, and instruction, and has thousands of hours of tactical firearms expertise. Quinn's drive and passion are contagious as he strives to push himself daily to be a better shooter and instructor in this art.  


Danielle also has years of operational firearms experience but is now focused solely on training and raising a family. She is a Colorado P.O.S.T. Certified Handgun Instructor and has been sought out to teach firearms courses at the academy and in-service training levels. Like Quinn, Danielle believes developing the proper mindset for handling and shooting firearms is essential, whether in a tactical or civilian role. 


Danielle specializes training new and women shooters and brings a common sense approach to instruction. She believes gaining confidence when handling firearms is the most important factor for success, especially for women who view shooting as a male-dominated art. Her goal when training is to help people protect themselves by becoming confident in their own abilities when shooting.


Due to her eastern Colorado ranch upbringing, Danielle has an uncompromising work ethic and values. She has been around guns most of her life and completed her Hunter’s Safety Certification when she was eight years old. Her comfort and skill being around and handling firearms was a major benefit when pursuing operational positions. She remains an avid competitive shooter and won the High Lady title in a local Glock competition in 2013. 



Resumes available upon request.